Boulder Startup Week 2015: Beyond Dev & Design

Since day one, Quick Left has participated in Boulder Startup Week. And as with the finer things in life that get better with age (wine, cheese, leather boots, cast iron, medical advancements, wisdom, Daniel Craig), so does the 5th annual five-day affair that is startup week. This year, I stepped up my game and volunteered to be the Adventure Track leader for the week in addition to our normal, over-the-top involvement as a company. From hackfests and panels to office chair races and celebrity yoga, there’s something for everyone. And for those of you who don’t know Boulder Startup Week….

Boulder Startup Week is a free, five-day celebration of our community that builds momentum and opportunity around entrepreneurship. We’re led by local entrepreneurs and hosted in amazing spaces all over Boulder. And we want you involved! 

Please join me for an adventure — a development-y, design-y, community-y?, startup-y, fitness-y adventure — about our wonderful city May 11-15. Don’t just stop with our events described below; check out all the great events lovingly curated from Boulder’s startup community. Looking forward to running into you. 

3rd Annual Quickest Left Office Chair Race 

Monday, May 11 @ 4-5:30

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Back by popular demand, the Quickest Left Office Chair Race kicks things off through the streets of Downtown Boulder! Assemble your best team of four people who are skilled at not only deciphering cryptic clues but also helping to push, pull or carry your team leader in your decorated office chair down the street and around various downtown locations. Email with your team name so we can get you listed! You will be collecting evidence of your visit to every place the clues lead you to, taking pictures and sharing them on Twitter to prove that your team completed all the tasks needed to finish this ridiculous race in first place! Or second, or third place, or even last – the main point is just to get out there on your chair and have fun. Costumes encouraged because prizes will be awarded! Just read up on last year’s event or check out the recap video from the VictorOps team Smooth Dev Operators!

Hack beyond the comfort zone with Professional Athlete Sonya Looney 

Tuesday, May 12 @ 2-3


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Looney’s experiences enduring the hardest and longest mountain bike races across the globe have accomplished more than an impressive list of accolades.  She has sought out races that had never been done and in countries that most people wouldn’t travel to alone. It was in those experiences that the value of pushing past the limits of the comfort zone became clear. “Trying new things completely shifts your frame of reference and dramatically improves self-confidence. You develop a wider capacity to experience life and will achieve more ambitious goals. We die a slow death of complacency by doing things the same way and not ever feeling that slight anxiety when trying something new.” Sonya brings her experience as a mountain bike pioneer to life and shares how you unlock your true potential and break down barriers. 

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Tuesday, May 11 @ 6-10 

Quick Left

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Would your life be better if you were funnier?

The Humor Research Lab (HuRL) at the University of Colorado Boulder is collaborating with Boulder Startup Week attendees to make the world a more humorous place.  Aside from taking an improv or a stand-up comedy class, people have few options if they want to become funnier. Our proposal is simple: bring together entrepreneurs, programmers, scientists and comedians to create products—tech or otherwise—that help people learn and practice how to be funnier, thus enriching their lives and the lives of people around them.  

In cooperation with the Leeds School of Business, the Humor Hackathon will take place at Quick Left on Tuesday from 6-10 pm. Join us for beer, food, hacking, and a lot of laughs. Don’t code? Don’t worry. There will be plenty of ways that you can improve your funny bone. Judges include scientists, comedians, startup and tech aficionados: Tara Calihman, Dr. Peter McGraw, and more to be announced! Cards Against Humanity is also kicking in some new and fun games for prizes, too.  This hackathon is not to be missed!



2nd Annual Biking With the Bigshots: Human Powered Energy

Wednesday, May 13 @ 12-1:30 

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Join Quick Left and Angry Bovine adventure leaders for a lunch time bike ride around Boulder and the surrounding mountains, showing the strength of human-powered energy and the natural beauty that surrounds our town! This fast-paced ride is for those with some experience on a bike, as we will be riding for around 15-20 miles and the route will include steep hills. Bring your spandex and be prepared to keep up on this uniquely Boulder style of networking! The ride will depart from Spruce Confections on Pearl and 8th at noon on May 13 and conclude with a Quick Left sponsored happy hour upstairs at the West Flanders.



Yoga with Rob Loud

Thursday, May 14 @ 10-11 


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It wouldn’t be a Boulder-style Startup Week without a little yoga! Join us for a 1 hour vinyasa yoga class at the beautiful Riverside Park with celebrity instructor Rob Loud. Rob is an ERYT 200 certified yoga instructor and teaches full-time in his hometown of Boulder, CO as well as Denver. His passion for yoga and ability to serve as an effective teacher is apparent through prioritizing his personal practice….and his hair color choices. Rob empowers, inspires, and shares his love of yoga through every connection. Rob’s classes are creative, challenging, intelligent, FUN, and bring depth beyond physical asana. Stick around for some Q&A about Boulder’s yoga community afterwards! Don’t forget your yoga mat, towel and hydrating beverage of choice too! 


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Hiking with Angels, VCs, Founders and Boulder’s Best

Friday, May 15 @ 9-10:30 


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Join us before Boomtown Demo Day to hike with Founders, Angels, VCs and more. This is your opportunity to chat with leaders in our community surrounded by the iconic Flatirons. This hike, led by Scott Lasica and Lauren Ivison, will be a mellow loop around some of the more popular and open trails in Chautauqua, Boulder’s most well-known trail head and park. Bring comfy hiking shoes and a water too!



Caffeinated Mornings: What is the value of design to the success of your business?

Friday, May 15 @ 9-10:30 


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Ingrid Alongi and Jace Cooke from Quick Left will discuss the value that design brings to the success of your business and the ventures you help build. This event is for all creative types and will be a 20-30 min talk, followed by 10-15 min Q&A session, moderated by Jay Ferracane of Angry Bovine.