Boulder Startup Week 2014 Recap

Another Boulder Startup Week has come and gone. Despite Colorado weather being on its worst behavior, that didn't stop Boulder startups from coming together to hit record numbers for the 5th annual Boulder Startup Week. Here's our recap in all its glory.

Battle of the Games Hackfest

You can read the complete recap on our blog here and play the winning game, Escape Boulder. We had record attendance on the cold, snowy Monday (yes, it is nearly summer) and more teams presenting their applications than ever before. And Occipital's Structure Sensor grand prize went to a team from gSchool (top 2 teams were gSchoolers!).

The New Golf: Biking with the Big Shots

Snow didn't stop 50+ cyclists from coming together to go biking around Boulder. VCs, Angels, PE folks, CEOs and more took to the streets in a festive mass start prior to splitting off to go separate routes: "February legs" took to the flats while "500+ mileage and $5000 bicycles" group took to the hills heading towards Old Stage. Following the ride, everyone met back up at West End Tavern for a networking happy hour, exchanging business cards and pleasantries.

Geek Field Day

Forced selfies, sportsball, and scooters took over North Boulder Park for Geek Field Day hosted by Gnip, SendGrid and yours truly. Teams battled it out but team Badder Ass eeked out gSchool for the victory. Here's some photos from the selfie portion of our relay.

And even had a bonus point selfie:

Culture in Diversity

Our lead unicorn, CEO Ingrid Alongi gave a preview talk for her upcoming keynote at Glue Conference – one of which a Mr. Feld mentioned he was looking very forward to attending – Controversy of Diversity. In addition to Ingrid speaking on what the numbers have to say about women in tech, a few special guests, NCWIT research scientist Dr. Wendy DuBow, shared tips on becoming a male advocate. If you missed this talk, catch her at GlueCon!


While unofficially a part of Boulder Startup Week, I'm including this Downtown Boulder Initiative employee appreciation event in our recap solely for the fact that we EPICALLY FAILED. Not only did we lose our first bout, we also lost our consolation round, AND we helped another team lose. Yeah, good thing we don't have to tug on ropes for a living or we'd be out of a job. Cyclist and programming arms don't make for good tug-of-war weapons. And who knew losing hurt so much – for real. Every single one of us ended up with something pulled, strained or bruised following the bouts. So after giving it our best D-game, we ended up drinking beer at the farmer's market. Surprisingly, we excelled there, getting in line before it was out the door.

Office Chair Race Returns

Wow-the costumes and level of competition made up for our failures the day prior. We had 6 teams totally decked out arrive at the corner of 9th and Pearl for a battle royale of the office chair persuasion. Team Smooth Dev Operators (VictorOps) arrived to the competition first but only after they cleared out American Apparel of all their $40 gold shorts. In the end, PivotDenim (PivotDesk) squeezed in their 9 locations and tweets 30 seconds ahead of the Smooth DevOperators. Third place was only 30 seconds behind them. Such a close competition! Team Happy Endings (Creative Alignments) won the best dressed competition – judged by a nearby restaurant's patio patrons. Want to see the hilarity of the tasks at hand? Follow the hashtag #QLChairRace for all the challenges our teams were up against.

We even recruited our own QL Devs to pretend to busk on the streets of Pearl as a stop along the scavenger hunt. Talented bunch!

Geek Sabbath

It's Friday. We were exhausted. We were lame and had to nurse our tug-of-war wounds, so we started the weekend early. BSW was bigger, better, and came together in true startup fashion. Kudos to all the volunteers who make this shindig take place, and we can't wait until next year!