Boulder Software Consultancy Among ColoradoBiz Mag’s Top 20 “Perk”-iest Places To Work

Quick Left, award-winning software consultancy and Inc. 500 fastest-growing company was awarded ColoradoBiz Magazine’s “Perk”iest place to work in Colorado. When ColoradoBiz set out to unearth and spotlight the state’s PERKiest companies, the following categories were used in the judging criteria: companies that go above and beyond in professional placemaking; companies with exceptional athletic facilities, meditation rooms or shape-up incentives; companies that draw employees together, from sponsored happy hours to jet-setting adventures; companies that believe in the power of working for the good of the community; and companies that stress work-life balance were our “Balancing act” choices.

Quick Left recognizes that wellness is the key to a great team, so it supports its employees’ “health habits of choice.” This means that in addition to ample time off and a great insurance plan, Quick Left offers fitness and tech stipends, as well as a fridge stocked with organic snacks.

Ingrid Alongi, Founder/CEO-Consulting points out that if people are sick or stressed out, a workplace doesn’t function well. “Our jobs are demanding, and we want to give balance to people’s lives,” she says. “We have group hikes in the evenings, and we live in a place where people with similar interests — like the hiking crew — can get together.”

For many of the companies recognized, providing amazing benefits is the best way to attract and retain the most committed and innovative employees. Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” since 1998 has reported 10.6 percent annual return from employees from within those companies, showing an obvious link between employee satisfaction and profitability. According to the IES/Work Foundation Report a 10 percent increased investment in employee-engagement practices has the potential to up profits by $2,400 per employee annually, while 1 percent growth in employee commitment can spike monthly sales 9 percent.

Alex McPherson, senior developer, says he’s loyal to his company because he loves the people he works with. “I race bikes, and we have a mountain bike crew that goes out once a week when the weather is good. It’s great that this company has perks beyond the usual, especially the perk of being able to take advantage of this location.”

With benefits like free ski passes, team massage day, unser racing team building, and tech/wellness stipends you can tell why everyone wants to work for Quick Left.

About Quick Left

Quick Left Inc. is a leading provider of innovative software development services and tools headquartered in Boulder, Colo. Its services team specializes in web development, design, training and mobile applications. The company also operates Sprintly, a development management platform designed to power a more productive relationship between teams and their managers. Together with Sprintly, Quick Left accelerates software product launches with a process defined by accountability, simplicity, scalability and today’s smartest web technologies. Visit Quick Left at