Beerfest Hackfest Recap

Last week, Quick Left hosted our critically acclaimed Hackfest – a gathering for Boulder and Denver's brightest developers, designers, and tech enthusiasts – and this month's theme 'Beerfest' had them pulling out all the stops. Not only did one team hack whilst brewing a delicious stout in the office–letting me contribute to the brew by throwing in a dash of hops–all teams presenting had amazing (and marketable) ideas coming to fruition in only 3 hours of development.

Our sponsors Diebolt Brewing and West Flanders pulled out all the stops, too, bringing delicious food and brews for all the hackers to enjoy. The American Homebrewers Association also stopped by to share their tips on homebrew and to add some gifts to the prize-packs for the top three teams.

So what were the beer-themed apps, you ask? Here's the quick rundown from our presenting teams.

  • OkBrupid: type in what you are feeling like that day and spits out the type of beer you would like.
  • Beervision: take picture of beer and pair with a song based on the look of the beer. My personal favorite!
  • Bavarians: how to home brew Hefeweizen. Hope you ONLY like Hefeweizens.
  • Beer Tradr: trade your home brew recipes with other home brewers with a universal tagging system.
  • Rafael: something to do with hops. I remember pretty colors?
  • Deep Purple: look up beer labels and find them at local breweries or stores.
  • Brew Timer: timer for your malts and hops in your homebrew. Might I add that these guys were pulling double duty brewing beer while hacking?!

Our judges deliberated for what seemed like hours in the tough race for QL Hackfest Champion. Beer Tradr took the victory with Deep Purple and Beervision in a close 2nd and 3rd respectively.

My personal favorite part of our event? While we had the usual suspects in house, more than 50% of the people joining for the event were new to the Quick Left hackfest. Thanks to all who came out for support and we look forward to seeing you at our next event, Built in Brews with Built in Colorado this coming Thursday. In fact, you should go ahead and register.