Battle of the Games Hackfest Recap

There were big bad GMO’s, bad college decisions, 50cent (like the real “fity cent”) and the gSchooler’s on beck and call to gather supplies for The Feld at this edition of the Quick Left Hackfest – gaming style. Along with the retro gaming competition, a few Makey Makeys, 3D printing and some lucky gSchoolers taking home the grand prize of a Structure Sensor, this Battle of the Games Hackfest was one for record attendance, presentations and creativity. Read why.

After 3 hrs of hacking we had 9 teams presenting to the judges – the most presenters we have seen at our hackfest, ever. With a long deliberation and lots of back and forth, the judges came to the top three teams.

3rd Place

Just Me: the 50cent game. Need to hit the money and hit the cannabis plants floating around getting for an additional 1000 points while 50cent stares you down.

2nd Place

StumperStumper: Based off a childhood game "Speak and Math". No, not "Speak and Spell", "Speak and Math". Levels based on number of digits in a unknown number you need to guess.

1st Place

Escape Boulder: Be at Brad Feld's beck and call, searching up and down Pearl Street to find Rocky Mountain Oysters, or $6 ice cream cone. Hacked by a team of new gSchool students. If you want to play fork the repo.

If this doesn't convince you to go to gSchool, then maybe the number of developers we have currently working for us who went through the program will.

We hope everyone that came had as much fun as we did. And if you weren't there, hopefully this blog post convinced you that you missed out. So join us next time.

Next hackfest is September. And hold on to your hats Portland – we're coming for you!

And again, big thanks to our sponsors: Occipital, Sparkfun, JP Morgan Chase, and 8 Days a Week!