How Much Does Developing an App Cost?

It’s an old adage, but in the world of custom development, it’s true more often than not: you get what you pay for. It can be easy to get caught up in the fast-pace of the tech industry where it’s obligatory that companies grow quickly. The good thing about the computer software space is that there’s a need in the market for everyone in the spectrum. The trick is making sure your needs match your partner’s skill sets.

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The Good, Bad and Ugly: Working with Third Party Development Shops

We’ve all heard the horror stories about using outside software development shops. Project overruns, bugs, poor performance and quality, and an impossible to maintain codebase are some of the most common. As with any service, the quality is completely dependent on the individuals providing that service to you. For custom software development, it’s even more challenging, as writing software is both engineering and art, and the best developers harness a bit of both.

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A Year in Gif-view: 2015 Annual Report in Reaction Gifs

Around this time last year, we sent you a glossy, corporate-y, javascript-y annual report. This year we've decided to shake it up.We're presenting this year in review as narrated by reaction gifs. Thank you for keeping it real with us this year. We look forward to delivering our award-winning software consulting services throughout 2016... and many, many, many more years.

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Are you the one? Looking for the next client to invest in.

Late last year we were happy to host a couple successful programs aimed at giving back to our startup community.

One of those programs was called Adopt a Startup. We fielded over 50 applications of seed fund stage startups to find one we believed in. The prize was technical help from our talented engineers. We chose to work with Stand In, a Portland-based mobile app simulation product, because of their solid team and in the scalability of their technology .

We also invested in our first two QL Convertibles, or convertible note projects. Let's talk more about that...

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Getting What You Pay For

It's an old adage, but in the world of custom development, it's true more often than not: you get what you pay for. In tech-rich communities, you can walk down the street and every third person you see will be happy to build you a site or app. With the advent of platforms and tools to make buildings sites and apps as easy as possible, the door has been opened to a large continuum of "talent".

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