Rocky Mountain Ruby Hackfest Update

Tomorrow evening at 7pm, Quick Left is hosting a special Rocky Mountain Ruby edition of our monthly hackfest. Remember, it's open to anyone to come participate - not just conference attendees! Also, tomorrow, you'll have to be present to be eligible to win a prize. Here's a couple of other quick updates regarding the hackfest tomorrow evening....

We've Got Judges

Man oh man do we have an awesome set of judges that are ready to give your code a twice-over. We can't be giving away big prizes without having some experienced eyes giving things a look-see! Thanks to...

- Konstantin Haase of Sinatra and @finnlabs
- Zach Holman of @github
- Wayne Seguin of RVM and @engineyard

We've Got Prizes

You and your pair have a chance to win a brand spankin' new iPad2. Get here and get coding.

We've Got Food & Drink

There'll be a burrito bar for those brave enough to come on time as well as a selection of beers on tap. Come hungry and thirsty for the proper experience.


Make sure to sign up and RSVP on Plancast

More Details

Here's a link to our previous post with all the details on the Hackfest.

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Rack 130 & Serving Static Files

We've been standing up a lot of Sinatra apps lately to provide small sets of functionality on top of mostly static JS application stacks. This seems to be a really helpful method at providing a tiny Ruby footprint for utilities, but otherwise building out a majority of your application in other places. One problem I've encountered lately is how dirty it feels to serve static files in Sinatra apps. Version 1.3.0 of Rack seems to be offering a decent solution.

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