Can’t be Evil: Businesses That Are Guaranteed to Keep Your Interests First

Using Ethereum, we now have tools that are capable of creating apps that fundamentally cannot be censored.  Or a version of Facebook that cannot perform experiments on users by manipulating their feeds. Or a version of Skype that cannot open a backdoor for governments to spy on our communications.  These applications can be proven to behave in a manner that keeps the interests of the user first.

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DevCon1 and the State of Ethereum

In a previous post I talked about Ethereum, an emerging decentralized software platform where anyone can run applications that run with zero downtime, require zero infrastructure, and are immune to censorship. But who is actually using the platform? Does Ethereum really have potential to change the ways we run businesses? Why would someone chose this platform over the traditional centralized architecture of today's web?

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What is Ethereum?

Imagine trying to describe an iPhone to someone circa 1965. The first episode of Star Trek aired in 1966, so using the word tricorder is cheating. Remember that you'll be speaking to a generation where computers don't have screens, take up entire rooms, and cost $100,000+.

Fast forward to somewhere a bit before 2007 and you would still have some trouble. In 2006 the best you could do was a fancy camera phone. Today, in 2015, we take it for granted that we have tiny computers in our pockets.

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