uGurus Interview with Sam Breed: The Journey from Developer to CTO

In an interview with Brent Weaver of uGurus, he asks CTO and Co-Founder Sam Breed about his journey here at Quick Left. Sam joined Quick Left in early 2009 and helped the company grow to what it is today. From a freelancer to a developer, and now the CTO and Co-Founder, he has successfully come a long way. In the interview, Sam discusses how to control code debt, how to choose what technology to work with and how speaking at conferences is a great way to meet potential clients and hires.

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uGurus Interview with Ingrid Alongi: Growing Pains and the Benefit of Diversifying Revenue

First of two interviews with Brent Weaver of uGurus, he sits down with CEO of Consulting Ingrid Alongi.

In an interview with our Co-Founder and CEO of Consulting Ingrid Alongi, Brent Weaver of uGurus asks her about the growth of the company and the benefits of diversifying revenue. She briefly discusses what we do here at Quick Left and tells us about the merger with Throughout the interview Brent and Ingrid discuss the uniqueness of the merger with

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CU NVC Championship

Last Tuesday New Venture Challenge (NVC) concluded its sixth year of providing students with the opportunity to introduce their brilliant entrepreneurial idea in front of not only a large audience, but mentors, investors, and potential business partners. The event took place in Wittemyer Courtroom at Wolf Law School, University of Colorado Boulder.

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