SQL for Beginners Part 1

Hello hackers! This is my ongoing blog series about various topics in web development. Previously, we covered command line usage from a complete beginner's perspective, eventually moving towards some more advanced command line topics.

We'll be firing up the terminal for some examples later on, so if that sounds like something you wouldn't be comfortable with, I definitely recommend checking out last week's post which was a review of sorts.

Ready? Here we go!

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Command Line Tutorials – Summary & What’s Next

Welcome back to my blog post series! Back in January, we set out to learn as much as we could about utilizing the command line from the perspective of a complete and total beginner. I don't know about you, but I've definitely picked up a lot of command line chops just in the process of researching and writing these posts. I thought it'd be useful to lay out what what we've gone over, as both a refresher and an indicator of how much ground we've covered.

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