My Week at OSCON

At over 3000 attendees, O’Reilly’s Open Source Conference (OSCON) is the nation’s largest conference focusing on the open source ecosystem and yet it still manages to feel like a community event. Sure, there’s plenty of cold, hard tech on display--much of which currently centers on the latest and greatest in cloud computing--but what really gives the conference its energy is the commitment to and celebration of open technologies. And, of course, the community -- which is really just another open source technology.

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My First 4 Months at Sprintly

I’ve been at for four months, and what better way to celebrate than with a little reflection in the form of a blog post! As those who read my initial “welcome” post know, this is my first official job as a developer. Though it took roughly two years of web-hacking and self-hacking to put myself in the position to get hired somewhere like, I’m still in shock that I’m actually here now.

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