Learn Programming at our Playing With Ruby Workshop

If you're curious about programming but don't want to commit to a lengthy course of study just yet, you might be interested in a workshop that Jessica and I are leading titled Playing With Ruby. Like the other workshops, it's on Wed, Sep 19, the first day of Rocky Mountain Ruby conference in Boulder, CO. We intend for it to be a little different than the typical Programming 101 class:
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SSO with SAP not SAML? There’s a gem for that.

Recently I was building a Single Sign-On feature for a client who wanted it for customers logging into their existing database (SAP). Basically, instead of giving their customers yet another username and password, Single Sign-On lets you reuse your first log in for another app. More recent versions of SAP use a standard named SAML for SSO, and there's already a Ruby gem for that. But in this case, we needed to us a different standard named SAP logon tickets. After building that integration, in my free time I repackaged it as a gem (a Ruby library) so that others can reuse my code later if they run into the same problem.

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