Entrepreneur of the Year: Ingrid Alongi

We've recently gotten word that our CEO Ingrid Alongi will be honored by the Boulder Chamber as their Entrepreneur of the Year at next Tuesday's 29th Annual Esprit Entrepreneur event series! Almost four years ago she began the Quick Left journey with co-founder Sam Breed, pouring the same type of blood, sweat, and tears that our customers put into their own businesses. It's incredibly fulfilling to see her being recognized by our business community for her leadership to this organization.

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Staying Dry

Normally the term "staying dry" is interpreted as "staying DRY" around Quick Left headquarters. This morning, however, QLers aren't talking about the programming best practice DRY, they're checking in with each other about their homes and families. After several days of torrential rain and record breaking floodwaters we're very fortunate to report that QLers are safe and dry despite a few flooded basements.

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Working with an Outside Development Team

Maybe you need to beat your competitors to be first to market. Maybe you need to keep promises you've made to investors and customers (or more likely, promises your boss has made). Maybe you need to keep your product moving forward while you find the right hire. In each case, contracting an outside development team can be an effective strategy if you manage geographic distance, technical expertise, and budget smartly.

Join us for our first Quick Cast webinar March 19 if you'd like to hear lessons learned from those who have been there.

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Having a Hard Time Finding a Technical Co-Founder?

Rachel asked me to share a post I wrote on my personal blog yesterday, so here's a taste:

Finding a technical co-founder is hard. Non-technical entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs ask me how to find one on a pretty regular basis. I usually name a few events in Boulder where developers show up and wish them luck. Recently, however, I decided to add a parting thought: having a hard time finding a technical co-founder may be a sign that you and your idea aren't compelling enough.

Read the post in its entirety.

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