The Best Place to Work is Hiring

Wanna work with us? We’re not just hiring, we’re on a quest to find and hire the best and brightest devs ready to work at the horizon line of tech. Nestle in and get to know us a bit. Keep reading and learn why working here is better than Disney World.

We know that to be a good business, you have to be a great employer with a rich culture that supports the heart of the people who want to work with you and build something worthwhile. We want our folks to bring their best everyday, so we build an environment that cultivates and supports talented, passionate, happy people - for they are the ones that show up bright: they perform better, work harder and more creatively, and build great products and customer relationships.

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Quick Left @ WorldBlu LIVE 2013

After being at Quick Left for almost 2 years, I’ve heard much buzz about WorldBlu from Ingrid. WorldBlu is a global network of organizations committed to practicing freedom and democracy in the workplace. We’ve been a WorldBlu company for 2 years in a row, so I was excited to venture down to Denver for the WorldBlu LIVE conference to engage with other freedom-seekers and soak in all the speakers. On day 2 of the conference, Ingrid spoke in an afternoon panel discussion titled “Women Leading Freedom-Centered Companies” about rewriting the rules of business by taking a democratic approach to management style and organizational design.

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7 Secrets to Being a Sustainable, Resilient and Agile Company: Golden Wisdom from “The Crucible of Leadership”

The May 6, 2013, Crash Course lecture “The Crucible of Leadership” with Jerry Colonna at CU’s Silicon Flatirons Center was memorable for everyone in attendance. Jerry Colonna is a successful venture capitalist and executive coach who has coached some amazing entrepreneurs and CEOs on how to use what he calls "The Crucible of Leadership" to become the leader you were meant to be. (He blogs at and tweets @jerrycolonna.)

The talk revolved around the stresses of being a CEO, and what it takes to be in that role of leadership. “The startup life is intense and intensely personal experience,” he said. And for him startups are the perfect crucible: an opportunity to know thy mettle in the heat of it all. Traditionally, a crucible is what an alchemist would use to turn lead into gold. For those in the startup life, he believes “it’s where the magic happens.”

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Art + Tech + Good Fortunes

Art is what we do all day here at QL HQ, and code is our medium of choice. This year, we sponsored The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art’s New Year’s Eve Benefit Party, Miracle + Wonder. It was a theme of positivity and light to send us into 2013 in good spirits - and good fortunes.

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The QL UX Flavor: Variations on a Theme of Chocolate

What happens when the chocolate-loving Operations Manger meets a Chocolatier at Quick Left's Office Warming Party last November? Quick Left gets a signature label on Nathan Miller's signature chocolates. Nathan, whose chocolates you may have tasted at The Kitchen Cafe, makes his artisanal creations in inspired flavors as well as the simplest: a good old fashion chocolate bar. We are stoked to pair with him and co-create flavors for his exclusive custom bars.

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