jQuery Toronto: Coming in hot

Quick Left likes JavaScript, that's no secret. What has been a secret until this very blog post is that we're international evangelists, and as such are sending Sam and Alex to speak at jQueryTO on March 2nd and 3rd.

This time around we're sharing some knowledge about our larger JavaScript applications and what we've learned from them.

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Backbone Bites – Part 1

Backbone is not a very opinionated framework. It's super useful and we love it, but it definitely gives you enough rope to hang yourself (and then-some).

We at Quick Left have done battle against the likes of spaghetti DOM code and phantom views, and lived to tell the tale. Here's a new nugget from our adventures: Idempotent View Rendering

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Awesome zsh prompts can be yours

The adoption of FOSS tools for development has meant that a lot of my time is spent at my trusty terminal prompt. I took some time today to make mine a bit more awesome. Quick Left has killer couches, beanbags, spare rooms, and standing desks. This means I'm mobile a lot, and that my battery level is a concern, so I decided to add this to my prompt.

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