Arduino Hackfest with SparkFun and Twilio Recap

We’ve been dying to throw a Hardware Hackfest for a while now, and last Wednesday the stars finally aligned (see also: The crew over at SparkFun are full of win and agreed to donate 30 SIK’s for the event). Twilio came on board with a sponsorship and we had ourselves an event.

With 115 people registered, 20 pizzas ordered, and 2 kegs on ice, we opened our doors to devs, hardware fanatics, and the Boulder community at large. SparkFun kicked off the event with a 19 minute overview of common usages for Arduino, Twilio demoed their Power Outlet, and we got to hacking. At 10 pm, time was called and the groups presented what they’d built.

Project submissions (in no particular order):

  • a light tracker that followed a flashlight around the room
  • a car that not only moved, but was also built entirely out of parts from the kit
  • a road rage finger for flipping off annoying drivers
  • a traffic light system that changed colors (red, green, yellow) based on whether a ‘car’ (iPhone) was coming up to the intersection
  • a sleep walking sensor that could be sewn into footy pajamas and would turn on lights or an alarm so as to save the sleepwalker from hurting themselves
  • a simon says light game that would refuse to pour you a beer until you could correctly follow the sequence of lights
  • a home defense system that shot darts
  • a morse code sender
  • a meditation timer app that pulsed a light in sync with your breath
  • a car controlled by text messages
  • a gem that provided an idiomatic Ruby interface to an Arduino board.
  • an attempt at guitar hero
  • a family feud game that integrated Arduino and Twilio
  • a FizzBuzz

The winners were awarded a ProtoSnap Pro Mini and an IOIO.

Check out all the photos and faces from the event using the slideshow below. And stay tuned for our next event!