Arduino Hackfest with Quick Left, SparkFun, and Twilio

Hold onto your keyboards ladies and gents, Christmas has come early. On Wednesday, September 19th, we’re throwing the Hackfest you’ve been dreaming of since you built that Millennium Falcon LEGO pièce de résistance when you were 12.

That's right, it's an Arduino Hackfest.

The deets

We've teamed up with SparkFun and Twilio to provide developers with 30 Arduino Inventor Kits and endless amounts of beer and pizza. Attendees will have three hours to control what they’ve built using JavaScript/Arduino/Johnny-Five, etc. or integrate it with a web service API. The winners will receive prizes provided by SparkFun and Twilio.

What: Arduino Hackfest with Sparkfun & Twilio When: Wednesday, September 19th from 6 – 10pm Where: Quick Left HQ – 902 Pearl St. Register:

But I am le tired

That's okay, you can still come and experience all the action. Just be sure to register with the "I'm just here to watch" ticket. Twilio's bringing their famed Twilio Power Outlet to demo, so you definitely won't be bored.

Because our office can only hold so much awesomeness at once, we have to cap event attendance. So be sure to register ahead of time.