April Hackfest: Quick Left + Orbotix Hack Contest

Quick Left and Sphero are teaming up to bring you one of the best Hackfests EVAR. Local start up Orbotix will be sharing their Sphero SDK with the opportunity for 5 crafty individuals to win their own Sphero.

On Wednesday, April 25th, from 6 – 10 pm, the Quick Left offices will be turned into a developer battleground: iOS vs. Android, mobile vs. web, gamers vs. the rest of the free world. As a plus, Orbotix will bring extra Spheros for you to test your app on. In order to get a jump on the competition, take a look at Sphero's SDKs.

Sign up here!* Don't want to hack or compete? Sign up and just come to drink beer and eat pizza!

TL;dr When: April 25th, 6 – 10 pm Where: Quick Left Headquarters @ 902 Pearl St. What: 4 hours of intensive hacking to make the best use of Sphero’s iOS and Android SDK's. Who: Any and all developers interested in hacking on Sphero's iOS and Android SDK. And anyone else who likes to eat pizza and drink beer at the Quick Left office. How: Sign up here

*Please help us make sure we buy enough beer by registering ahead of time