10 Reasons Why I <3 Working at Quick Left

Prior to my working at Quick Left, I had a terribly long stint in the outdoor industry. While my heart is in the mountains, my mind was feeling stale. Must. Learn. Something. New. ASAP. So tech sounded like a great idea.

Before I even began my first day on the new job, the realization that I stumbled into a workplace utopia left me school-girl giddy. When my friends asked about my new gig, I had to ‘gloat’ so-to-speak about how lucky I feel to work at 902 Pearl Street.

Already convinced without reading my points and want to go join me? Apply now. Warning: clicking this link could change your destiny.

If you need more convincing, here are 10 impressive reasons to work at QL HQ.

  1. WorldBlu Status. Blu what?! We’re one of 48 businesses world-wide in 2012 who made the list of WorldBlu’s Most Democratic Workplaces. And, we're trying again for 2013. WorldBlu logo

  2. Charmin. Forget that industrial sized roll of eco-sandpaper. Nothing but the best for Boulder's best dev shop.

  3. We always figure it out. That's our motto, and we live by it. Not one problem has come in the door that hasn’t been solved. If that means we need to invent a solution, we do it.

  4. Passion. Everyone who works here wants to be here. There’s a healthy dose of “Give a Shit” on this team that is commendable. The word “culture” has become a signifier of superficial company assets, but those are perks and don't define our culture. We're masters of our craft and each person contributes to the new problems that require solving. Everyone brings something to the table, including intuition, experience, diversity, daily practices, and forever thirst for learning.

  5. Location, location, location. Boulder is unique in that we have one of the highest concentrations of entrepreneurs, tech culture, and an abundance of things to do whilst getting your work on. We are right in the middle of 20+ start ups on this end of Pearl Street. But after work is done, it's time to play and Boulder is an adult playground. I just skied this morning before work 5 minutes from the office. Actual picture below. I've run Sanitas over my hour lunch break (I was late for a meeting and had THE RUN of my life getting back in time for it). I mountain bike, shoot, road ride, hike and have beers with my coworkers.

  6. Hackfests. Our hackfests are legendary and have been bringing the developer community together in the name of code, beer and pizza for 3 years now. Experience our latest hackfest on video. Or sign up for our next one in March.

    January Quick Left Hackfest 2013 from Quick Left on Vimeo.

  7. Kegerator. While we love a good brew at happy hour, we have a team full of beer connoisseurs that will settle only for the best. Needless to say, there’s no Fat Tire in our kegerator. Ours is filled with TenFidy.

  8. Unicorns. We have two female coders on the team – Jessica and Ingrid – which are so rare, we’ve heard they are in the same lineage of Solomaize Equus (the scientific name for Unicorn, in case you were wondering). And Ingrid, though not coding anymore, is simply running the company. No big deal.

  9. A to Z. Our ops team – Ali, Amanda and Zane – keep everything going swimmingly. They keep us fed, surprise us with Tasterie truck deliveries, ice cream trucks, team hoodies, the occasional smoothie breakfast, and keep everything so smoothly operating if there are fires, we never notice them. Gold star awesomeness, every day. QLFridge

  10. Garden. We have an herb garden (not #64 herb garden, but real herbs) along with succulents, money trees, a creeping ivy, ferns, rosemary, aloe vera and basil. Fresh pesto in February, anyone? We worked with Tres Birds Workshop to transform our workspace to accommodate agile software development and encourage creativity and health. Garden

Now how do you feel about applying? Good? Better than good? Great! Apply here.