High-Level Project Estimation: Let’s Practice!

As a consulting company, we review a lot of potential projects. How do we find those that are a good match for our expertise, culture, and that we can successfully sign a contract? The short answer is: it takes a lot of work. One step in the evaluating process is to estimate how much it would cost a potential client for us to build their project, and how long it would take. This post is the final of three that provide an in-depth walkthrough of how this happens at Quick Left!

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Four Takeaways About Diversity and Hiring

I was recently asked by my friends at the Turing School of Software and Design along with fellow Quick Lefter, Laura Steadman to join a TechIsMore Digital Event Series panel about diversity and hiring in tech, hosted by the Women In Tech Campaign.

There were 5 other panelist from across the US with a range of different backgrounds including engineering, education, and technical recruiting. Each contributed unique and wonderful insights about diversity, tech, and hiring. The digital panel was hosted on Periscope with a simultaneous Twitter chat using hashtag #TechIsMore, engaging over 300 participants from the US, UK, Panama, Czech Republic, and Brazil.

There were many good ideas shared throughout the discussion, four of which really stood out to me.

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How To Write A Technical Blog Post: Part 2

In this three part series, we're looking at some of the best ways to get into a good flow as a technical blogger. In the first part, we talked about some initial steps you can take to get psyched up when figuring out how to write a technical blog post. In this, the second part of of the series, we'll talk about how to do the actual writing itself. We'll explore some effective structures you can use to organize your posts, thoughts about the creative process of writing, and how to make sure your content is as good as it can be.

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Dear Meetup Organizer, Here’re some tips. Love, your Host.

Hosting meetups is a big part of my job as a Quick Left marketer. On a personal level, getting to invite people into my space lets me fill the "Desperate Housewives" in me that rarely gets to rear it's head in my "real life". Also, the opportunity to learn new things, be exposed to different ideas and meet with a variety of people motivates me. 

Professionally, I get a chance to interact with my community. Both of our larger Quick Left offices in Boulder and Portland are prime locations for meetups. The reason I give up many of my evenings to this end is that I truly feel like I providing the users of our square footage with an experience in our brand. 

After hosting several meetups, I've been able to glean insights into what makes a good meetup, and what meetups I feel most inclined to host.

Here are some of my tips for great organizing, from the perspective of your host!

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