Meet the Team: QLer Elaine O.

Elaine Oliver, an Australian/American dual citizen, is a recent addition to the Quick Left sales team and to the city of Portland. Her energetic, extroverted spirit is a wonderful addition to both. After getting her degree in Graphic Design from Redlands, she spent most of her adult life living in Sydney and working as a retail technology trainer. After 6 years, she decided to pack up her life to travel the world. Playing with elephants and cycling to the top of a Sri Lankan mountain are only a couple of her treasured memories from her past year and half wanderlusting around SE Asia, Europe and the US. In her free time, she enjoys riding bikes, climbing and playing soccer.

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Serving Custom JSON Responses With ActiveModel::Serializers

These days, there are so many different choices when it comes to serving data from an API. In many cases, you just want to bring something to market as fast as you can. For those times, I still reach for Ruby on Rails.

When building an API in Rails, you need a good solution for structuring your JSON. ActiveModel::Serializers (AMS) is a sensible choice. It's powerful alternative to jbuilder, rabl, and other Ruby templating solutions. It's easy to get started with, but when you want to serve data that quite doesn't match up with the way ActiveRecord (AR) structures things, it can be hard to figure out how to get it to do what you want.

In this post, we'll take a look at how to extend AMS to serve up custom data in the context of a Rails-based chat app.

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Meet the Team: QLer Brian A.

Brian Ashburn hails from our native Colorado and has spent his last few years right here in Boulder, specializing in integrated data visualization and collaborative presentation software. He is a graduate of the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design ( where he majored in Graphic Design & Interactive Media. He joins the Quick Left design team to further his passion for solving problems and creating usable interfaces. When not channeling his calm, focused energy toward product design, you will find him practicing Judo and Bagua. He is inspired by Kung Fu movies, old and new. 

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Mastering `this` in JavaScript

JavaScript developers—new and experienced—constantly rate the variable this as a major pain of the language. The this variable, which represents a function’s context, plays an important role in everyday JavaScript programming, so understanding how it works is critical. This blog post gives an overview of this and its many quirks and forms. We will lay out the four ways to set a function’s this value, as well as discuss some common use cases and pitfalls.

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Meet the Team: QLer Tony Crowe

Tony Crowe grew up in Southern California and the Gulf Coast of Florida in Dunedin. He knew before being double-digits in age that he would work with technology and pursued a career in it directly out of high school. When not on casual walking and cycling adventures around town he likes to spend his time in lively discussions with friends about Philosophy and Psychology. His passion for the business of consulting and working towards high quality led him to come to Boulder and Quick Left where he will be applying his trade, learning, and growing with the rest of the team.

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