Bring Back Your App: Ramping Up Developers On Code

Remember the glory days? Your company had it all! New signups every day. Coverage on the hottest blogs. Money was rolling in hand over fist. All thanks to your hot app. You and your goons really nailed it when you followed an MVP process and built just the thing the market was looking for.

But then something happened. You shifted focus to integrating with another company's API. Or you lost your entire developer team. Slowly, kudzu vines covered over what was once a glorious app. The technology you used to build grew outdated. Bugs accumulated, but there was no time to fix them. You shed a single tear when you thought back to the glory days.

Finally, a new day dawned! You got a funding round! You've just hired a new team of developers. They start next week. You can't wait to get them slinging code. But are you ready? Starting a new team on an old app isn't as easy as handing them laptops and saying "clone down the repo". In this post, the first of a two-part series, we'll take a look at some advice you can use when ramping up developers on code in a legacy application. When we're through, you'll be ready to let the good times roll again!

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6 Tricks For Successful Side Projects

As a web developer, I have this almost magical ability to think of a weird thing I wish was on the internet and then make it so. 

Facebook for dogs? I can try making that. A ToDo management system? You bet I can throw another one of those onto the pile of ToDo applications that feed the hamster powering the wheel that runs the entire World Wide Web.

Or at least, we as developers have the skills to make some version of those things. What usually happens, though, is that we start a personal project and then it lives on as a half finished ghost town repository in a Github account. 

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