Meet the Team: QLer Randall G.

Born and raised in Oregon, Randall A. Gordon enjoys all manner of things which speak using 1s and 0s, especially those which are connected to the interwebs. Beyond code, his hobbies include desktop fabrication (small scale CNC milling), DJing, music production, photography, fashion, snowboarding and mountain biking. He landed in Portland in 2013 eager to join its vibrant tech scene and can often be found at local Meetups—if you see him don't be shy, say "hi"!

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Getting Started With Ruby Processing

If you're like me, you love to code because it is a creative process.

In another life, I am a musician. I've always loved music because it represents a synthesis of the concreteness of math and the ambiguity of language. Programming is the same way.

But despite the creative potential of programming, I often find myself spending days working out the kinks of HTTP requests or dealing with SSL certificates. Some part of me yearns for a purely Apollonion environment in which to use code to make something new and unseen.

When I feel a void for purely creative coding, I turn to the Processing language.

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Setting Up A JS App With Gulp and Browserify

For JavaScript developers, it can be hard to keep up to date with the latest frameworks and libraries. It seems like every day there's a new something.js to check out. Luckily, there is one part of the toolchain that doesn't change as often, and that's the build process. That said, it's worth checking out your options every now and then.

My build process toolset has traditionally been comprised of RequireJS for dependency loading, and Grunt. They've worked great, but recently I was pairing with someone who prefers to use Gulp and Browserify instead. After using them on a couple of projects, I'm coming to like them quite a bit. They're great for use with Backbone, Angular, Ember, React, and my own hand-rolled JavaScript projects.

In this post, we'll explore how to set up a clientside JavaScript project for success using Gulp and Browserify.

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Meet the Team: QLer Marc G.

Marc relocated to Denver from Orlando, Florida, where he got a degree in economics. Prior to software development he started a BBQ food cart, worked as a product analyst at a startup company, and provided sales support in a more corporate setting. Marc proudly learned his technical chops from the Turing School of Software and Design, where he continues to mentor new students at the school. When he's not programming, you'll find Marc climbing things, dreaming up side projects, or yelling at a TV with the Orlando Magic or New York Giants game on.

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