Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your First Ruby Gem

Building your first Ruby gem may seem like a daunting task, but it's actually not so bad. It's quite rewarding to not only release a gem, but to see its download count climb as others put your hard work to good use, and even still as others offer to contribute new features and bug fixes to your very own gem. And thanks to and Bundler, the process of creating, releasing, and implementing gems couldn't be easier.

After reading through this post, get access to the 45 minute video tutorial complete with slide deck and instruction from Matt in our new Engineering Lunch series. Be a QLer for the day and see what we're teaching our engineers in our semi-monthly engineering lunch series. Sorry, we don't buy the lunch but you do get the tutorial for free!

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Clean Interactions between Your App and External APIs

One of our clients needed their web application to interface with two external APIs. Neither API had a native ruby gem that we could pull into the web app project. We decided to write our own gems, one for each API. The web app and the APIs all target the same domain, but don't use the same domain language. The subtle challenge was to figure out how to interface with these APIs without adding confusion to the web app's domain language. I'll talk though our story on how we came to a clean solution.

The Ugly

Both of the external APIs were from the same organization, but created at different times by different teams, and consequently looked a lot different from each other. What's worse, both APIs are concerned with the same core concepts and entities, but the APIs called the entities different names.

And.... it still gets worse.

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Guest Blog Recap: Learning Ruby on Rails at RailsBridge

Quick Left hosted the RailsBridge workshop, along with the organization of the event by Thoughtbot's Desi McAdam, earlier this month. We asked some participants to let us know their thoughts on the event and Katie and Paul of 23rd Studios graciously volunteered to share their experiences below. Not only that, they took amazing photos of the event. And yes, that's me giving a speech in a bike helmet.

Hi there, we’re Katie Falkenberg and Paul Talbot, co-owners of 23rd Studios. We just attended the most recent RailsBridge at Quick Left in Boulder and had a blast!

Paul has always been interested in learning new things and has been taken with code ever since he was a youngster. He mostly does photography and video, but Katie does a lot of web work, though mostly on the design end, and when the chance came up to attend the RailsBridge workshop, we both jumped at the chance.

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