jQuery Conf Video: Understanding Scope in JavaScript

My jQuery Conf video is now live. Here's the skinny, video is posted below:

Scope is one of the most critical concepts in JavaScript, but even seasoned front-end developers have trouble with the the meaning of this. It doesn't have to be this way. Once you learn the few simple rules that govern JavaScript scope, your code will become more precise and flexible.

Let's take a deep dive into what scoping means in JavaScript. In this talk you'll learn why scope is critical to applications running in a browser environment, what the heck all this talk of this and _that is about, as well as how to avoid some pitfalls even the experts make.

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A currentUser Helper for Ember Routes

In many of my Ember routes I need to be sure that I have a populated currentUser, so I can direct users and protect certain pages appropriately. In a completely asynchronous environment like Ember, it can be hard to know when an important call has resolved. Here's my stab at a little helper (for an Ember.Route) that will make sure currentUser is available when your route's .model() method runs.

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Grunt.js: The Basics

Most projects can benefit from a good dose of build automation. For much of the unix world "Make" is the tool of choice, but in the web and javascript world Grunt.js is emerging as the de facto standard. If you're working with a javascript project where build tasks still need to be done manually, then grunt is well worth checking out.

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