Quick Left-overs for May 11th - May 23rd

CSS and JS boilerplate for mobile-friendly development. Naturally, Paul Irish is already a committer.

An interesting proof-of-concept for a graphical terminal.

Nice and fancy native scrolling in CSS for mobile devices.

Sample code from DHH on implementing PJAX in Rails.

Ruby HTTP Libs
Benchmark examples with a bunch of ruby HTTP libraries.

jQuery Chrono
Adding some syntax love to timeouts and intervals in javascript.

Learning to Love Javascript
A Google IO talk.

CoffeeScript - the cool parts
A quick overview of CoffeeScript.

jQuery Masonry
A jQuery based layout helper.

Quick Left-overs is a weekly series of things that end up in our "FancyBookLearning" Campfire room that we thought were interesting.

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Prologue 0.6.0 Released

Late last week we released a new version of Prologue, our project-starter gem. The templating system is now more flexible, allowing for multiple named templates. Currently, the default prologue application template is the same as it always has been, but even that should be changing soon (hint hint).

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Simple Mount Classes With CarrierWave

Recently, I had to add some S3 backed image functionality into a Rails application that is accessed through a small Sinatra proxy. Based on the setup, I decided to handle the image uploading at the proxy level instead of in the Rails stack. What I wanted was a way to utilize CarrierWave and its helper methods inside the Sinatra proxy even though I didn't have a database layer or any model classes in that stack. Here's how I did it...

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