Meet the Team: QLer Meeka

As we add more people to our Meet the Team series, we're excited to introduce one of the newest QLers Meeka! Meeka is a full-stack developer and reformed Luddite, who came to Colorado to attend the gSchool program. Prior to her career in tech, she worked in the solar energy field, which was one of many career choices that has utilized her Anthropology and Spanish degrees extensively. She is currently certified to give CPR, administer diabetes injections, notarize documents (in Pennsylvania), train others in ladder safety, teach English as a second language, serve alcoholic beverages, and lead a kayak trip. What does she do in her spare time (when she has it?). You just have to keep reading.

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[PODCAST] Business of Coding: Nate Westheimer, CEO & Founder of Picturelife

Nate Westheimer is the CEO and founder of In this podcast Nate talks to our CPO Joe Stump about transitioning roles from sales and business development to software engineering. Nate shares with Joe why he made the transition to engineering, what motivated him and how his experience on both sides of an organization helped him start Picturelife.

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Meet the Team: QLer Mark

What time is it? It's time for another installment of Meet the Team with QLer Mark Jackson! Mark has lived and worked in Hollywood, San Francisco, and New York but a strong passion for the outdoors has led him to Boulder. Joining the Quick Left team was an obvious choice considering a mutual passion for Agile, a love for technical problem solving, and a healthy connection to an active lifestyle. In the past Mark started a few different companies, operated a brand strategy agency, and acquired some pretty hilarious stories about working in Hollywood. He doesn't know it, but we're collecting hilarious stories on Mark to use as blackmail to get those Hollywood stories out of him, including one involving cat yoga. What else is Mark like? Keep reading to find out.

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From Intern to FTE #FTW

Senior year of college is a stressful and nerve wracking time in a young adults life. For me it was no different. I was finishing up my degree in Psychology, training full time as a cyclist, and thinking about what I was going to do with the rest of my life.

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Startup Strava Challenge

At Quick Left we love bikes almost as much as we love building web and mobile applications. Almost. So in celebration of National Bike Month, we thought it would be really fun to gather fellow bike-enthusiast companies to join forces in friendly competition while raising money for their preferred non-profit. Don’t bike, no problem. Running hurts so your mileage should count too, we even think it’s worth more. Team members who exercise without wheels will receive twice as many miles, as long as it’s GPS tracked.

Don't want to read all the details and just dive in head first: Register HERE!

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