Ocupado - An Internet Connected Restroom Occupancy Detector

Here at Quick Left (Boulder), the office has a single restroom, and like ~30 or so employees. With that, employees were often faced with the harsh reality of making numerous trips to the restroom only to find it occupied, and subsequently needing to walk back to their desks. trollface

As our slogan states, "We turn hard problems into great software", and thus we set out to find a solution to this problem, but of course no ordinary solution would do. We also needed something that would satisfy the inner geek in all of us.

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10 Things Software Consultants Can Learn From Restaurant Servers

Upscale restaurants often have strict policy guidelines dictating how the waitstaff is supposed to interact with customers. Not only does this ensure that the customers have enjoyable experiences, but it also ensures that the waitstaff interacts with the customers in a consistent and professional manner that is consistent with the vision of the business.

Software development consultants have a great deal to learn from restaurant servers regarding how to interact with clients. Bruce Buschel, a restauranteur in New York, wrote a blog post on the New York Times outlining 100 things his servers will never do. Here, we take from the list the 10 items most relevant to software development consulting and explain how they translate to the work we do every day.

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Building A Ruby List Comprehension

As developers, we're in the business of continually bettering ourselves. Part of that process is pushing ourselves to learn and use better code patterns, try new libraries, and pick up new languages. For me, the latest self-learning project has been picking up Python.

As I’ve worked with it, I’ve discovered the joy of list comprehensions, and I’ve been wondering what it would take to implement a similar syntax in Ruby. I decided to give it a try. This exercise yielded several insights into the inner workings of Ruby, which we'll explore in this post.

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