AngularJS Unit Testing - For Real, Though

When it comes to contemporary web development, AngularJS is the new hotness. Its unique approach to HTML compilation and two-way data binding make it an effective tool for efficiently building client-side web apps. But when it comes to the testing, many tutorials on the interwebs hand-wave testing. This article covers some of the "gotchas" you'll come across when trying to test Angular. Let's build our chops, so we can get into a "Red-Green-Refactor" flow when testing Angular.

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[PODCAST] Business of Coding: Ingrid Alongi, Co-Founder and CEO Consulting at Quick Left

In this edition of Business of Coding Podcasts, Quick Left CPO Joe Stump talks to Quick Left Co-Founder and CEO of Consulting Ingrid Alongi about the startup world and her career as a female in the programming world. Interested in hearing more about Ingrid’s career and her perspective of women and technology? Listen to our podcast!

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Meet the Team: QLer James

Our Meet the Team series, continues with James Kenly. James moved across the country from Boston to Colorado with his wife and young daughter. He is passionate about skiing, soccer, startups, music, and loves a great scotch. With his previous artist management business, he travelled around the world, and we are lucky he has landed in Boulder as Account Manager. Every day you can be sure James will walk into the office with a massive smile on his face.

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