Getting Started With Active Job

With the announcement of Rails 4.2 came some exciting news: Rails now has built in support for executing jobs in the background with Active Job. The ability to schedule newsletters, follow-up emails, and database housekeeping tasks is vital to almost any production application. In the past, developers had to hand-roll this functionality using gems like Resque Scheduler or Sidekiq Scheduler. With the release of 4.2, setting up jobs for workers to execute at a later time is built in to Rails, making developers' lives easier. In this article, we'll take a look at how to set up Active Job to send a follow up email to a new user in a sample Rails application.

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Meet the Team: QLer Donald H.

Don’t call it a comeback! Donald Harris is probably the largest of the QLers topping out at 6’8” and yet he lives in one of the smallest towns, tiny Hutto, Texas! With a strong passion for technology and social media he is returning to the Quick Left team as the Customer Advocate for Sprintly. When he is not working you can probably find him attached to some video game.

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