We turn hard problems
into great software


Quick Left develops applications, designs interfaces, integrates with teams, and consults on projects large & small.


Whether extending an API, refactoring javascript or building a mobile app from scratch, we produce lean, test-driven code — on time & at budget.


  • Paired Development
  • Responsive Web Techniques
  • Cross-platform & Native Mobile
  • JS Frameworks like Ember & Node


It’s not just the sauce on top: great design is research, iteration & empathy. It’s working to identify the right problem before we start solving it.

  • Usability & User-testing
  • Complex Information Architecture
  • Interfaces & Iconography
  • Copywriting & Content Strategy


Hiring is hard. Spin up your own Quick Left developers, on-site or remotely, to keep the ball rolling or build new functionality in parallel.

  • Bring a fresh set of eyes
  • Sidestep politics with solutions
  • Advocate for best practices
  • Boost long-term velocity


Quick Left was able to add value to our internal processes and leave us better off for the interaction. Many businesses can offer staff augmentation, but not every one can can lend product insights, development best practices, and informal team training to the complete package.

— Patrick Leonard, VP of Technology, iTriage


After 6 years, 23 engineers, dozens of products, and 11,000+ pull requests, we know a thing or two about where projects can go wrong.

  • Review your codebase
  • Lead scoping & scoping
  • Advise on testing & metrics
  • Put out that unexpected fire


The consulting experience provided by Quick Left is second to none — their focus on planning, agile methodology and the technical skills they bring to the development process helped us release our product ahead of schedule.

— Gabriel Monroy, CTO, OpDemand


We build Sprint.ly to help software teams better manage their development process.

What is my team working on?

Keeping your pulse on development is important, and Sprintly helps you do that by listing the current tickets front and center. This way, you'll never have to ask what someone's doing, you can just see for yourself!

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Just 46 humans, 11 dogs, 3 offices, 54 bicycles & an Aeropress shipping scary-good software since 2008.

By our powers

In early 2014, Quick Left merged with Sprint.ly – marrying their agile SAAS with our engineering horsepower and spurring offices in SF & PDX.

Wait, what's a
Quick Left?

A nod to Lefthand Canyon; how you navigate a velodrome; a reminder to try new directions, while being unafraid to commit to the hard path.

we value

Challenge yourself, your teammates, conventional wisdom. Take pride. Ask for help. Be pragmatic. Be excellent, but never at the cost of being nice.

Matt Work


Packing two decades of experience founding & scaling SAAS companies, Matt was previously GM of Pivotal Tracker and CEO/Founder of Cohuman and Discovery Mining. Based in San Francisco, he co-founded community garage Piston & Chain and spends his free time steeped in all things motorcycling.

Ingrid Alongi

CEO (Consulting) / Co-Founder

A Boulder native, Ingrid began her career in web development in the late 90s, eventually setting aside table layouts & hand-coded SQL to build & manage technical teams. An accomplished track cyclist, she holds 4 Masters National titles across Match Sprints, Team Pursuit, and Team Sprint.

Sam Breed

CTO / Co-Founder

A passionate open source advocate & JavaScript evangelist, Sam leads our engineering team in process, architecture and methodology. When he's not citing Simpsons trivia, or answering questions in Freenode IRC, you can usually find him listening to vinyl records late at night with his dogs Jack and Bowie.

Joe Stump

CPO / Co-Founder (Sprintly)

A seasoned technical leader & serial entrepreneur, Joe was Lead architect at Digg before co-founding three venture-backed startups including SimpleGeo, attachments.me, and Sprintly. Outside Quick Left, he invests, advises, and speaks widely on development process and building scalable web infrastructure.



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San Francisco

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